Save Money in the Boston Area Economy

Trying to navigate the Boston area economy can be challenging. However, if you’re a savvy shopper you already know there are good times and bad times to buy certain products and merchandise, and the month of August is no exception. Here are a few tips of what to buy — and not to buy — during August. Follow the advice of retail experts and you’ll save money in today’s Boston area economy.

Retail Do’s and Don’t’s in the Boston Area Economy

What to Buy in August:

Because clothing retailers are anxious to make room for their fall and early winter merchandise, August is a great time to purchase summer goods at a deep discount. Swimsuits and accessories, along with summer fashions will be priced to sell fast.

In addition, industry experts point to huge bargains on items such as patio furniture, with savings up to 75%; barbecue grills discounted from 25% – 60% and laptop computers fueled by back-to-school demand at discounts of 25% or more.

Avoid Purchasing These Items in August:

As popular as Apple’s array of products are, Boston area economy experts suggest avoiding their purchase during August. The primary reason is Apple’s history of introducing newer models of iPad’s, iPhone’s and other devices from September to mid-October to get ready for the holiday shopping season. Waiting until the newer models hit the shelves may mean bigger discounts and greater savings on previous models.

So, shop smart and save money in today’s Boston area economy… not just in August, but throughout the whole year.

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