Getting a Boston Area Home Inspection Before Selling

Getting a Boston area home inspection is not just for buyers after the sale. If you’re selling, getting a Boston area home inspection before you even list is super important. In a effort to get the sale finalized in a short period of time you may be tempted to forgo a Boston area home inspection. This is a bad move and should never be omitted from home listing procedure.

Reasons a Boston Area Home Inspection is Important Before Listing

Getting a Boston area home inspection before even listing your home for sale is strongly advised

There are a number of reasons why a Boston area home inspection is important before even listing your home for sale. One of the chief reasons is that it helps your buyers to view you as an honest seller. This makes the process more amicable as fears of being swindled are reduced.

Home inspections are required by law in some jurisdictions. This means that selling without getting one may void the contract. In this case it’s better to err on the side of safety so if you are not certain what the laws in your area require, get the inspection done. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Getting a Boston area home inspection done also protects your interests. It may uncover previously undiscovered advantages in your home that enhance its value. This gives you more power at the bargaining table. Imagine being able to increase your asking price by a hefty sum because your home inspector discovered something new about the home. The home inspector can also offer tips on improvements that need to be made and these improvements may enable you to increase your asking price.

On the flip side, getting a Boston area home inspection can serve as a heads up. If glaring serious flaws, such as a damp foundation, are highlighted you can decide to get them repaired before placing the unit on the market or reduce your asking price to compensate for the flaw. Failure to do this could lead to you wasting your time and efforts as buyer after buyer turns down your home after getting it inspected themselves and determining that for the asking price there are simply too many flaws. You are also protected from asking for an unrealistic price and having the unit avoided like the plague because of a ridiculous asking price.

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You are also protected from unfounded post sale claims by a Boston area home inspection. This means that if a fault emerges after the sale and your home inspection report does not support this flaw then the buyer cannot approach you for repairs to be done. Many times a seller is pummeled by requests to make repairs and adjustments to solve problems that simply did not exist prior to the sale of the property, and they have no grounds on which to claim that the faults are new. You don’t want to be forced to use the proceeds of the sale of your home to pay for renovation to a home that is no longer yours.

So before you finalize that deal for the purchase of the home you selected from among the many attractive homes on the market, call a Boston area home inspector to check out the property you are trying to sell. Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary problems.

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