How Are We Different?

More than you can imagine or than we can list here.

Get the Edge
We are the consumer’s competitive edge in buying real estate.

Years of Experience
We were among the few who brought Buyer Agency to Massachusetts.
We are proven Home Buying Specialists with over 25 years experience.

You Are in Charge
We do not list property so we can focus entirely on you and your home purchase.
We represent you as your advocate rather than sell you a property.

A Thorough Home Search ProcessExclusive Buyer Agency vs Traditional Agents
We show you any home that meets your needs whether it is listed or not. We point out the negative aspects as well as the positive aspects of each property. We support your decision as to what properties interests you and which do not.

Negotiation Specialists
We provide you with comparable sales to help you formulate an offering price. We work together with you to determine the best negotiating strategy. We share market conditions and how to best navigate them. We don’t push ourselves on you, but we push hard to please you.

We Don’t Just Save You Money
We work hard to also save you time and aggravation.

We Are With You Every Step of The Way
We can help you choose a good lender, home inspector, attorney, etc.

We Have Your Back
We will help you walk away from a poor choice and get your deposit money back. Your best interest is our only interest throughout the entire transaction.

Guarantee Confidentiality
We take seriously our responsibility as your fiduciary. We promise to keep your information confidential and to represent your financial interest.

We Are Fun!
We are fun to work with and offer a better way to buy a home.You walk away with a good home purchase and an enjoyable home-buying experience.