Exclusive Buyer Agency

Exclusive Buyer Agency
An exclusive buyer agent, or buyer broker, represents the home buyer and negotiates with the seller and the seller’s agent to obtain the best price and terms for the buyer.
An exclusive buyer agent is loyal only to the buyer.
An exclusive buyer’s agent represents buyers only.
An exclusive buyer’s agent never represents sellers.
Exclusive buyer’s agents do not accept listings.
Exclusive buyers agents will keep the buyer’s information confidential.
Exclusive buyers agents will fully disclose to the buyer all information about the home.

What Does It Cost To Use An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent?

Selling costs are usually built into the selling cost of a home, so typically, the seller pays all brokerage fees and sales commissions. This cost aspect will be discussed with you at your first meeting.

You have a choice as a buyer. You can either work with someone who represents the seller. Or, you can work with someone who represents you, and your interests.

Why would you have an agent who represents sellers?

Employ an exclusive buyer agent.