Boston Area Home Inspector – Questions to Ask

Finding a reliable Boston area home inspector is a “must-do” thing when buying a home.

A thorough home inspection can help to uncover hidden damage and shine some light on potentially costly future repairs. But home inspections aren’t just completed to keep the buyer safe — they can help to protect the real estate professional too. Informed buyers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase and, as a result, they’ll be far less likely to come back to haunt you after the sale closes.

Make sure any Boston area home inspector you decide to hire is professional and qualified, will do a thorough job, and won’t be afraid to crawl under the house to make sure the floor isn’t about to cave in!

Find a Boston area home inspector using these 7 questions.

7 Questions To Help Evaluate a Boston Area Home Inspector

1 – Are you licensed? – Some states don’t have any licensing requirements, so be sure to ask if the Boston area home inspector you’re considering is licensed or not.

2 – What Credentials Do You Have? – There are a number of professional organizations that provide credentials, including ASHI and NAHI. Watch out for those who claim a “company certification” or any type of “in-house accreditation system” that’s not subject to overriding industry standards.

3 – How Much Experience Do You Have? – The NAHI and ASHI require a minimum of 250 inspections. Many industry professionals say that finding someone who has performed at least 1,000 inspections and has three to five years of full-time experience is important. When browsing the home inspector’s website, watch out for wording designed to make it look like they have more experience than they actually do. Remember, “industry experience” doesn’t necessarily mean experience actually inspecting homes.

4 – Are You Insured? – Even the best inspectors can make mistakes. It’s important to ask for proof of insurance for both errors and omissions and general liability. Always avoid inspectors who aren’t insured, and watch out for inspectors who severely limit their liability coverage.

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5 – Do You Offer a Guarantee? – Does the Boston area home inspector stand by his report? Does he offer any guarantees? Some home inspectors offer optional 90-day warranties that will help cover repairs or replacement costs. Be sure to check into such offers, paying special attention to the fine print and exclusions.

6 – Do You Have Sample Reports? – This will help you to gauge how thorough their inspections will be. Most any reputable Boston area home inspector will be more than happy to provide you with one if they don’t already have one displayed on their website.

7 – How Long Will Your Inspection Take? – According to ASHI, a home inspection can take two to four hours or longer, depending upon the size of the home. Watch out for inspectors who offer “specials” for one-hour inspections—anything less than two hours may be an indicator of a less-than-thorough job.

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